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Tulsi Live MRP


Rs 250.00

Tulsi also called Holy Basil "The Queen of Herbs" is the most sacred Herb of India. The health benefits of tulsi have been revered by Ancient healers, not only in India But also in Greece & Rome countries for over 5000 years.  Plantation of tulsi purifies Atmosphere. MYL Tulsi Live is a natural extract very effective and beneficial for our body and skin.


Excellent Antibiotic & Disinfectant.    

Controls headache, Cough & cold.    

Reduce the Risk of cancer and heart diseases.    

Beneficial in treating Asthma.    

Reduces stress and enhance Stamina.    

Prevents kidney Stone.  

Improves digestion.    

Cures pimples & scars, when directly apply on skin.

Mix 1-2 drops of Tulsi with any face cream for  Glowing Skin.